LoungeUp signs a partnership with Runnin’City – 07/2018

With the help of Runnin’City, a tourist running application, LoungeUp embarks on Sports Tourism and aligns itself with gwiido. A boon for the Hostellerie de Levernois, located in Burgundy, whose wish was to allow its jogging customers to discover the surroundings while playing sports. “Since the integration between LoungeUp and Runnin’City our running routes on the Runnin’City application are accessible from the LoungeUp interface and we can thus guide our customers in their discovery of the surroundings, while being available on the chat” , rejoices Anne-Gaëlle Catinot, Accommodation Director at the Hostellerie.

The interfacing of the LoungeUp and Runnin’City applications has already enabled the Burgundian establishment to create five tourist audio-guided sports routes by GPS to discover the surroundings of Levernois independently. The proposed routes, which start from the hotel, range from 2.5 to 27 kilometers and are possible by hiking, running or even by bicycle. Throughout the routes, users are informed about the characteristics of the region.

This solution therefore allows business travelers to keep in shape while traveling while visiting the city. For vacationers, it is a good alternative to tourist buses. They can move around safely without the risk of getting lost and will be sure to pass through the real places of interest in the region.

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