A-Venture is a family company with a mission, the purpose of which is to support the creation of innovative businesses and skilled jobs, while contributing to the transition towards a more sustainable development.

With benevolence and humility, we offer a range of services adapted to young leaders, acting through three structures:

  • A-Venture : Financing (venture capital fund)
  • A-Workspace : Coworking (real estate holding)
  • A-Rise : Coaching (non-profit association)

To complete this offering, we collaborate with seasoned consultants, who help you meet the challenges of growth:

We support companies that respond to the challenges of “Promotion and Planning of Territories” by innovating in the Hospitality, Mobility Energy and Environment sectors.

Our news

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Our partners

A-Venture supports entrepreneurial projects which have a positive impact on the life of territories and inhabitants.

Public authorities and businesses support our approach, which promotes the economic development of our regions.

Since its creation, A-Venture has benefited from a reference partnership with the travel, mobility and environment group PrĂȘt-A-Partir.